Accession Name Subpopulations Assembly Annotation Locus Tag Prefix Genes References
Nipponbare Geng-japonica-temp IRGSP1.0 Gramene (+Isoseq) OsNip_ 38,404 Yoshihiro et al., 2013
MSU LOC_Os 55,801 Yoshihiro et al., 2013
RAP-db Os 37,859 Yoshihiro et al., 2013
Azucena Geng-japonica-trop1 AzucenaRS1 Gramene (+Isoseq) OsAzu_ 36,882 Zhou et al., 2020
KETAN NANGKA::IRGC 19961-2 Geng-japonica-trop2 Os128077RS1 Gramene (+Isoseq) OsKeNa_ 37,994 Zhou et al., 2020
CHAO MEO::IRGC 80273-1 Geng-japonica-subtrp Os132278RS1 Gramene (+Isoseq) OsCMeo_ 37,240 Zhou et al., 2020
ARC 10497::IRGC 12485-1 circum-Basmati Os117425RS1 Gramene (+Isoseq) OsARC_ 37,181 Zhou et al., 2020
PR 106::IRGC 53418-1 Xian-indica-1B2 Os127742RS1 Gramene (+Isoseq) OsPr106_ 36,720 Zhou et al., 2020
Minghui 63 Xian-indica-adm MH63RS3 HZAU OsMH63_ 59,903 Song et al., 2021
IR64 Xian-indica-1B1 OsIR64RS1 Gramene (+Isoseq) OsIR64_ 36,925 Zhou et al., 2020
Zhenshan 97 Xian-indica-1A ZS97RS3 HZAU OsZS97_ 60,935 Song et al., 2021
LIMA::IRGC 81487-1 Xian-indica-3A Os127564RS1 Gramene (+Isoseq) OsLima_ 37,994 Zhou et al., 2020
KHAO YAI GUANG::IRGC 65972-1 Xian-indica-3B1 Os127518RS1 Gramene (+Isoseq) OsKYG_ 37,522 Zhou et al., 2020
GOBOL SAIL (BALAM)::IRGC 26624-2 Xian-indica-2A Os132424RS1 Gramene (+Isoseq) OsGoSa_ 36,467 Zhou et al., 2020
LIU XU::IRGC 109232-1 Xian-indica-3B2 Os125827RS1 Gramene (+Isoseq) OsLiXu_ 44,942 Zhou et al., 2020
LARHA MUGAD::IRGC 52339-1 Xian-indica-2B Os125619RS1 Gramene (+Isoseq) OsLaMu_ 37,474 Zhou et al., 2020
N22 circum-Aus1 OsN22RS2 Gramene (+Isoseq) OsN22_ 37,598 Stein et al., 2018
NATEL BORO::IRGC 34749-1 circum-Aus2 Os127652RS1 Gramene (+Isoseq) OsNaBo_ 36,392 Zhou et al., 2020
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