Accession Name Minghui63
Genetic Stock ID R-000281
Country Origin China
Subpopulation Xian-indica-adm
Links Rice Information GateWay
Assembly Name MH63RS3 (JBrowse)
NCBI BioProject PRJNA302543
Reference 10.1016/j.molp.2021.06.018
Annotation Source HZAU
Locus Tag Prefix OsMH63_
Genes 59,903
Alternative Splicing events -
About Zhenshan 97 (ZS97, indica I) and Minghui 63 (MH63, indica II) are the parents of the elite hybrid Shanyou 63 (SY63), which exhibits superiority for a large array of agronomic traits including yield, resistance to multiple diseases, wide adaptability, and good eating quality, and thus has been the most widely cultivated hybrid in China over the past three decades. (Zhang et al. 2016)
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